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"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets through."-Leonard Cohen


In our first session, I will help you with developing a more nuanced understanding of your presenting difficulty. Over the course of our work, we will further identify recurring patterns or limiting ways of relating. Using relational technique, psychodynamic interventions and cognitive restructuring, we will build new experiences of yourself.


 Areas of Specialization





      Gender Non Binary

     Couples Therapy

      Mood Disorders

     Relationship Crises
















 "Depression is the inability to construct a future."- Rollo May

With a combination of relationship, insight, pattern linking and if appropriate, cognitive behavioral intervention, you and I will interrupt the depressive cycle.

" Love is a game two can play and both can win."-Eva Gardner


Like individuals, couples often come into therapy in crisis. Issues of trust, infidelity, sexual problems, communication breakdowns and long simmering resentments can cause couples to seek help.


My first goal is to make both parties feel comfortable and heard.  A sense from both individuals that they are understood and equally held in esteem, is an integral part of the work towards uncovering what is difficult between partners. 


 I work from an attachment perspective, paying special attention to how each person expresses their unique way of being in relationship with their partner and where that may or may not be translating for the other. I foster an environment where couples feel free to bring all parts of their relationship, conflict included. Together we can find new ways to articulate longings and missed messages in less distressing, more productive, patterns of communication.


Issues of Expertise with Couples


        Patterns of communication

       Sexual Difficulties



     Separation and Divorce



" Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength."-C. Spurgeon


Whether your anxiety is caused by an immediate change in circumstance, or a long standing problem, I am skilled at addressing the noxious symptoms that makes anxiety unbearable. 

"It is easier to build strong children the repair broken men."- Frederick Douglass 

Men today today experience a number of unique pressures. While often still socialized to suppress vulnerability, today's men are expected to be attuned partners, assertive workers, involved fathers, and navigators of quickly changing societal expectations. This can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, insecurity and depression. I am skilled at helping men navigate these complexities and making sense of the double binds today's expectations often puts men in.

"Love has no gender-compassion has no religion-character has no race."- Abhjit Naskar

The process of coming into one's identity is often complex and sometimes painful. This journey can be fraught with additional stressors for those who do not define themselves by traditional heteronormative markers.  I am deeply committed to helping folks engage with their own process around gender identity and sexuality. From the earliest stages of exploration to transition, I will help you explore what your gender means to you.

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