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Your Emotional

"We repeat what we don't repair ."  

Christine Langley Obaugh

Emily Johnson, LCSW


 Whether you are starting therapy because of a life crisis, a loss or to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, finding the right therapist is an important first step in the therapeutic experience. Explore my site and feel free to call with any questions.


I work with adults from a wide range of ages, experiences and identifications. Often people come in feeling confused or in pain. I will help you identify your unknown blocks to healing.

Issues Treated:




relationship disturbance

gender identity



I am experienced helping emerging therapists navigate the process of collecting hours for the BBS. Both Therapists in training, as well as those in work agency settings, who are interested in receiving Psychodynamic Supervision to satisfy their requirement, are welcome.  

Are you getting the most out of your clinical work? Do you struggle with certain clients? Do you second guess who to accept? Do you wish that your practice could move in a different direction? Do you have difficulties raising fees or setting boundaries? Let me help you you develop the practice you always wanted.  

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